The World at Our Fingertips

Technocrats (and people on TED stages everywhere) love to talk hyperbolically about the Information Age. They say anyone with a smartphone today has access to more inforamtion that the U.S. President did 15 to 20 years ago. And we all nod our heads. But i...

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Pokémon Go is a Game-Changer, and Why We've #GottaCatchThemAll

Shaili Bhatt, Sr. Research Director

In the span of a week, more people have downloaded Pokémon Go! than Twitter. Hitting the world by storm, Pokémon Go is setting a new standard for gaming and social connectivity for players of all ages and skill levels. It is the fun of geo-caching, with...

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The Use of Emojis in Market Research

Erika Hammer, Senior Research Director

Now, there's a vast library of these emojis that can be found on most devices and the number continues to grow. So instead of simply using the symbols to depict '<3' as a heart, we we now actually see a real heart.

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