Seven Keys to Understanding the Parent/Child Shopping Dynamic

Terrie Wendricks, Vice President, Shopper Eyes

Kids can have an influence and play a significant role in the purchase decision for kid-oriented products. Because of this, it is important for brands to consider the influence that a child can have on their parents for their particular category.

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The High Price of Being Single

Anthony Bahr, Senior Research Director

When starting this deep-dive into the lives of The New Independents we, along with our partners at TPN, presumed that singles not only had more freedom to spend their money but, overall, were in a better financial situation than married people. This was o...

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Clean Food Label Initiative: A Warning for Brands

Zach Olsen, Research Analyst

Although market trends in the past 15 years indicate a shift toward production and labelling of foods as "all natural," "unprocessed," and now as "clean," the FDA has not yet provided any approved definitions for these terms (or any variations of them). ...

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Five Tips for Conducting Research with Millennials

Brenda Hurley, Executive Vice President

There has been plenty of talk over the years about how the millennial generation is different from the rest and why it's important for companies, politicians - everyone to care about them. We partnered with The Agency to create a unique research community...

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