Why You Should be Marketing to Grandparents

Sharon Seidler, Senior Vice President

There is another cohort that doesn't have the contemporary pizzazz of Millennials, but is, nevertheless, powerful and ripe for many products and services. I'm talking about what I have termed the Generation-Skipping Spenders (GSS).

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Millennials' Entrepreneurial Mindset

Jane Ott, VP, Quantitative Research

Millennials have grown up in a tech-centric world which has shaped their attitudes and approaches to problems. It has broken down barriers for entry, regardless of whether those barriers are finding a group of other like-minded people through social netwo...

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Building the Most Productive Online Community

Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

It is clear that Online Communities are a growing research method. But, what are communities exactly. It is not an idle question, as I was reminded this week when I was asked to explain them to a marketing manager who had never used them.

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