segmentation research

You can’t hit your targets if you don’t know what they look like—
Or what they think about.

Marketing to ‘everyone’ is never a good idea. It produces generic approaches to product design, presentation, and communication.

Whether the goal is to penetrate a new market, launch or re-stage new products, make pricing decisions, or develop positioning and communications approaches, a clearly understood system of distinct targets is a must.  Segmentation research must be purpose-built—cookie-cutter approaches simply don’t cut it.

We’ve developed strategic segmentations of many product and service categories, and bring a high degree of sophistication to segmentation issues and methodologies: the latest in data collection techniques; an in-house advanced statistics group; and a Partner-led and highly experienced insights team.

The success of your brand may well ride upon the strength of your segmentation model for years to come. That’s the kind of business challenge we live for.