The Problem

In order to create a strategic marketing plan for the year ahead, a top health insurance carrier needed to understand how small to mid-sized businesses with less than 100 employees planned to react to changing legislation about health insurance provision for employees. More specifically, they needed to pinpoint who planned to offer health insurance, who didn't, and why.

This is where C+R Research stepped in to help.

The Result

Thanks to our research plan and analysis, we helped the insurance carrier better understand the obstacles and challenges their small group clients were facing when deciding how to handle health insurance coverage for their employees. With this data, they were able to craft a targeted marketing plan that focused on retaining those small group members.

Notable outcomes included:

  • Insights into the specific insurance needs of businesses based on employee count
  • Ability to create a clear-cut marketing plan with a focus on retention of small group members
  • Help with the creation of direct marketing efforts that appeal to the needs of group policy members across all three target regions


How'd we do it?

C+R Research surveyed over 1,000 small to mid-sized businesses across the country to find out:

  • Which types of businesses were and were not currently offering health insurance
  • Employer reasons for not offering health insurance
  • Future plans/intentions for offering health insurance
  • Concerns and obstacles to offering employee health insurance