Introducing YouthBeat® Global: A Glimpse into the Lives of Gen Z from a Global PerspectivE

youthbeat global webinar

YouthBeat® has gone Global! As an extension of YouthBeat®, we are casting our net wide and now tapping into the hearts and minds of families across the globe. YouthBeat® Global is a holistic study of ten different facets of young people's lives, conducted among parents, from six countries (Australia, China, India, Mexico, United Kingdom and the U.S.).

In this webinar, Mary McIlrath, Ph.D. gives a glimpse into some key findings from the study and compare and contrast the lifestyles and attitudes of Gen Z families across the world.

You'll gain insights into the following:

  • The influence young people have over household shopping, including the categories in which they are allowed to choose their own items, and categories where their brand preferences are the strongest
  • Information regarding their media habits--how youth around the world are accessing programming, and parental attitudes toward their children's media usage
  • The presence of technology in households and child's age when acquiring the first cell phone by country
  • Food habits, including eating in vs. dining out by country
  • Beverages consumed and safe drinking water

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About Mary McIlrath:
Mary McIlrath, Ph.D, Senior Vice President, is a veteran expert in the youth + family space, having consulted for the past 20 years with Fortune 500 companies on developing youth strategies. At C+R Research, she's a partner and leads the youth + family division which offers innovative custom research approaches as well as produces YouthBeat, the leading syndicated publication focused on kids, tweens, teens, and parents-in the US and now globally. She specializes in creative and immersive research techniques that actively engage respondents in the research process.