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About This Webinar

Marketers and brand managers have been coming to market researchers for years to help them understand how the marketplace will react to a new product introduction, a line extension, etc. In this webinar, Gretchen Hower, Ph.D., will share different approaches and techniques to effectively measure the burning questions we often hear...

  • Which new flavor should we introduce next?
  • Will this new product bring incremental sales?
  • Which assortment of our product line will maximize our share? Maximize revenue? Maximize profit?
  • Will volume be stolen from the competition, or will we cannibalize our existing line?
  • What does our optimal product line look like?

Gretchen will cover a spectrum of approaches - from understanding the potential of a large set of new items, to optimizing an entire line in a competitive context; her toolbox includes everything from TURF to Shapley to Choice Based approaches.

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