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Understanding the E-commerce Shopper

June, 2017

In this webinar, we provide you with a beacon to navigate through the role of e-commerce and guidelines to understand the e-path to purchase for your shoppers.

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Keys to Winning with Emerging Consumer Targets

October, 2015

As consumers' needs change and shift, it's critical that brands keep pace. In this webinar, Mary McIlrath, Ph.D. will focus on two important but distinct targets - Millennial parents and one of the largest segments of the US population, single adults....

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Find the Future: Taking Stock in Today's Youth Trends

June, 2014

Whether you're goal is inspiring innovation, adding power to your promotional plans, or ensuring that your stories are "au currant," it's critical for youth marketers, researchers and content creators to go beyond their knowledge of the "now" when it come...

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